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Want to enjoy your retirement the way you should?

Learn how to use your retirement account to invest in Detroit cash flow rental properties.

1 in 3 Americans has $0 saved for retirement!

According to The Financial Times, the “U.S. is building toward a pension crisis.”

Experts from Grant Cardone to Tony Robbins, and from Forbes to the Wall Street Journal, have called your 401(K) retirement account a scam.

But, you have options.

“The single-family residential investment market has long been misunderstood and dismissed as only an option for those wealthy enough to use real estate investing as a business,” says Bob Pifke, CMO of Property Management Business Solutions. Today, however, “rental properties are being recognized as a mainstream asset for investors building a portfolio for retirement.”

Instead of giving up your money, for your lifetime, consider investing in an asset class that delivers a steady income stream from day one, and an ROI in the double digits.

Cash Flow Real Estate

In the period from December 31, 2000, to December 30, 2016, real estate outperformed the stock market approximately 2:1.

And it’s not a fluke.

Since 1776, US real estate has doubled in value every 20 years — and accounted for 90% of the millionaires in the country.

We’ll Make It Easy

We’ll connect you with a retirement expert who can guide you through the simple process.

You’ll learn how to use Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code to postpone your tax bill by arranging for a deferred like-kind exchange.

And we’ll find you the right rental property so you can start earning cash on day one.


Ready to get started?

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